O'Donnell South, Inc. 2014.

odonnell-south-inc-manufacturer-representative2Mission Statement

We are committed to expanding our role as a leader in the Southern California Electronics Community by:

  • Solving our Customers' problems
  • Selling our Principals' solutions
  • Satisfying our Customers and Principals with the best economic solutions

We provide excellent technical sales and engineering support to our Customers and Distributor Partners

We are an aggressive, well staffed and responsive organization that has the product knowledge, market knowledge, and experience you need to grow your business.

We are centrally located in Signal Hill, California.  Each member of our field sales team lives within their territory, enabling full and prompt service to our customers. O’Donnell South field sales members are degreed engineers.  Our staff has an average length of service with our company of over 10 years.   We have the skills and continuity to foster long term relationships with our Customers and Distributors, and the territory experience to grow our Principals business.

empowering-system-crm-manufacturer-representativeWe utilize Empowering Systems Account Manager and Sales Analysis, a CRM software package developed expressly for Electronics Representatives, to manage account information including: Contacts, New Business Opportunities, RFQs, Quotes, Samples, Leads, and Sales History.  Our field sales engineers, utilizing laptops and PDAs, have near real-time access to all of this information.

Our exceptional Inside Sales staff is structured geographically by territory and Field Sales Person.  OEM accounts are reported to the responsible Field Person, and Distribution accounts are reported to both the Distribution Manager and responsible Field Sales Person.  This enables an open communication channel between the Field, Distribution, and the Customer.  This very efficient structure also helps to eliminate duplicate entries when inquiries are generated both through the OEM and Distribution sales channels.

Hirose offers the DF63 series to their line-up of wire-to-board connectors

Hirose Electric is proud to introduce the DF63 series to our line-up of wire-to-board connectors. This series has a 3.96 mm pitch and boasts a small size of an 88 mm2 mounting area, which is 30% smaller than comparable connectors from other manufactures. The DF63 features high reliability and multiple contacts.

Hirose offers their HR08D series connectors

The HR08D series is a small, waterproof circular connector that has push-on bayonet locking and is designed for harsh environments. It is oil-proof and waterproof and is rated to IP68 class. The series includes an 8-way adjustable cable direction in 45° increments. With a pin count of 10, the plug is available in both a straight and right-angle version, with either solder or crimp contacts. The receptacle is available in only the solder version.

BLE and Laird's BL6x0 Series & BT900 Modules: A Guide to Security and Privacy

A technical guide to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the additional security and privacy capabilities that Laird's BL600, BL620, and BT900 provide.
Security and privacy are two necessities involved in any wireless design. Bluetooth protocols, version 4.0 and newer, include a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity option for OEMs pursuing secure and private connection capabilities.

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